OLED Displays & Accessories OLED 102x64 Touch + Control

OLED Displays & Accessories OLED 102x64 Touch + Control

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Electronic Assembly EA PLUG-Series High-Contrast OLED has a 36mm x 25mm display with a resolution of 102x64 pixels and a USB interface. In addition to various built-in fonts, which can be used pixel-perfect, the EA PLUG-Series also offers a whole range of advanced graphic functions.

The display is controlled via one of the four built-in serial interfaces RS232, SPI, I2C or USB, and is immediately ready for operation with 3.3V to 5V supply voltage. The module has 8 freely usable I/Os, 2 analog inputs, one PWM, and one analog output for simple control tasks.

Programming is via high-level language-like graphics commands. The time-consuming programming of character sets and graphics routines is eliminated on the EA PLUG-Series. Development time is greatly reduced by the simplified use of this display.


  • Includes capacitive touch panel
  • 4 serial interfaces USB, RS232, SPI, and I2C
  • 8 digital, freely definable I/Os built-in
  • 2 analog inputs/ 1 analog output
  • 8 built-in fonts
  • Positioning accurate to the pixel with all functions
  • Screensaver modes
  • UP to 256 pictures internal stored
  • UP to 256 macros programmable
  • Mix text and graphics, with flashing attribute of On/Off/Invert
  • Change display brightness by software