NZ mini GPS for NAZE32

Description of product


This is NZ mini GPS for NAZE32, the mini GPS module that is suitable for the Naze32, Flip32, and NanJ32 flight controllers. The GPS chip is based on the Ublox 7 design and the module comes in an extremely compact package. This GPS module only measures 26 x 25 x 8 mm and weighs in at 10gm.
Please note that this GPS has been pre-configured for clean flight/beta flight controllers at 9600 baud.  The settings on this module cannot be changed/altered so this module is best to be used for OSD information such as speed, altitude and flight time.
Pin descriptions:
Black:  GND
Red: +5V
Blue: TX
Orange: RX


  1. The product is available in different colors we will ship it randomly
  2. Package includes only NZ GPS Module 

Since this is an Open Source GPS Board, there are many manufacturers who are supplying this product. We have picked up the best quality products from the market and tested them for their functionality. And finally selected best amongst them. Our product works exactly the same as we have described above in the description

Features :

  1. Dimensions: 26 x 25 x 8 mm(LxWxH).
  2. Weight: 10gm.
  3. Cable Length: 15cm.
  4. NZ GPS Suitable for Flight Controller NAZE 32, Interface 1 Pin  2.54.
  5. This GPS is customized for the Naze32 flight controller.
  6. Internal Ublox 7 series chip core of manufacture OEM.
  7. Super mini size, weight only 10g with a protective case, is best for Racing drones like QAV250/ZMR250.