Noel 25W Nickel Plated Spade 3mm Bit

Noel 25W Nickel Plated Spade 3mm Bit

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Description of product


This is a Noel 25W Nickel Plated Spade 3mm Bit, Chisel tip; it can be used with any standard 25 W soldering iron.

Upgrade your soldering gun with a new tip, you’ll get better & faster solder joints and the whole process will be much more enjoyable. This tip fits all analog and digital irons, and they’re fast to swap, takes only 30 seconds to change out. All the tips are good for either lead or lead-free (simply set the iron to the temperature required for the solder you are using).

This big “Hoof” tip is great for drag soldering and also has more mass at the end for quickly heating up large solder joints such as connectors.

Note: This package does not include Soldering gun, You have bought it separately.


  1. High-Quality Original Noel Soldering Bit.
  2. Slide-on technology for tip replacement.
  3. Compatible with All Brands Guns with the 25W rating.

Package Includes 

1 x Noel 25W Nickel Plated Spade 3mm Bit