Noel 25W 230V Sodering Iron Model-GOLD
Noel 25W 230V Sodering Iron Model-GOLD

Description of product


Noel 25W 230V Sodering Iron Model-GOLD is our Noel’s Flagship product and has been a hard worker in the electronics and electrical industries. It is the best workhorse of electronic industries. The unit ensures efficient and user-friendly soldering experience. Also, it is the highest rated and the most popular product. Generally chosen for all electronic applications. The most resourceful and adaptable soldering iron in the range of 25-watt range. Soldering Iron Gold has been a hot selling product over the previous years and has been cherished by electrical engineers, electronics repairers, students and hobbyists.

Specifications and Features:

  1. Brand: Noel
  2. Low current leakage
  3. Light Weight and Offers good grip
  4. General purpose for all electronic applications.
  5. Advanced Heating element
  6. High-Quality Nickel-Copper plated Bit
  7. Quickly attains the working temperature
  8. Constant Tip temperature
  9. Rubber grip for high comfort use
  10. 3 core moulded plug for Higher Efficiency
  11. Nylon handle for a better quality body