NodeMCU ESP8266 Serial Port Baseboard Lua WIFI Development Board

Description of product


This baseboard is the Breakout Board for our NodeMcu ESP8266 V3 Lua CH340 Wifi Dev. Board. Nodemcu Baseboard NodeMcu Lua WIFI Development Board ESP8266 Serial Port Baseboard is an open-source networking platform.

It uses Lua scripting language programming. Allows developers to deal with the underlying hardware in a manner similar to For Arduino. So that software developers can easily operate hardware devices.

Port Description :



Please keep attention when ordering this board, because this shield is only for Lua V3 Nodemcu model. Not for all Nodemcu board. If you use another type of Nodemcu board, the connectors don’t match for different width. Instead, If you have a Lua V3 Nodemcu board then this board is perfect for you.

Features :

  1. The perfect solution for breaking out the pins from Lua V3 Nodemcu.
  2. Small and Handy module.
  3. The spacing between mounting headers is 25.5 mm.
  4. It uses Lua scripting language programming.
  5. Lead-out all the IO ports of the ESP-12E development board
  6. Lead out the pins of 5V and 3.3V power supply
  7. Convenient to connect with peripheral modules
  8. Onboard 5V / 1A DC-DC step-down converter circuit
  9. Onboard power indicator
  10. USB power output only for NodeMCU v3