EMI Gaskets, Sheets, Absorbers & Shielding WE-SECF Contact Finger 4.8x3.0x4.0mm

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Description of product

WE-SECF EMI Contact Fingers

Würth Elektronik WE-SECF SMD EMI Contact Fingers are made of gold-plated copper-beryllium and ideally suited for automated assembly via a pick-and-place platform. The WE-SECF series is available in a variety of types and sizes. Würth WE-SECF SMD EMI Contact Fingers resist corrosion and wear. High temperatures and mechanical weight do not affect the connection properties. The WE-SECF series is ideal for use as a contact between the PCB ground and housing as well as a low-impedance RF connection between PCBs and/or PCBs and a metal case.