Feed Through Capacitors 0402 4VDC 1uF 20% 30mOhm AEC-Q200

Feed Through Capacitors 0402 4VDC 1uF 20% 30mOhm AEC-Q200

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Murata Electronics, an industry leader, supports the automotive market by supplying precise sensing technologies and high-reliability electronic components that are essential to the smooth operation of a vehicle. The evolution of automotive technology has been facilitated by electronic components that monitor the vehicle inside and out and exchange information among the components. Whether an engineer seeks timing devices, circuit protection, noise suppression, or inductors and capacitors, Murata provides a wide selection of automotive-grade and AEC-Q200-qualified products. With Murata's technology and know-how, Murata will contribute to developing a "ubiquitous network society," preserving the global environment and creating a future with safer and more comfortable automobiles.