MSP-EXP430F5529LP USB LaunchPad

MSP-EXP430F5529LP USB LaunchPad

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Texas Instruments MSP-EXP430F5529LP USB LaunchPad Evaluation Kit is an easy-to-use Evaluation Module based on the MSP430F5529 microcontroller. It contains everything needed to start developing on a USB enabled MSP430 MCU, including on-board emulation for programming and debugging as well as on-board buttons and LEDs for quick integration of a simple user interface. This LaunchPad is great for general purpose applications due to its 25MHz, integrated Full-Speed USB 2.0 and analog/digital integration; battery-operated applications thanks to it's low-power capabilities; and is great for beginners and experienced developers alike thanks to it's multiple points of entry into software development. Rapid prototyping is a snap thanks to 40-pin BoosterPack headers and a wide range of BoosterPack plug-in modules enabling technologies such as wireless, display drivers, temperature sensing and much more.


  • USB 2.0-enabled MSP430F5529 16-bit MCU
  • Up to 25 MHz
  • 128KB Flash and 8KB RAM
  • 12 Bit SAR ADC
  • Various USB device class examples and embedded software libraries available (CDC, HID, MSC)
  • eZ-FET lite: Open source onboard debugger with application UART
  • One USB connection for emulator and target via the use of an onboard USB hub
  • USB as power source: 5V and 3.3V through a high efficiency DC/DC converter
  • 40 pin LaunchPad standard leveraging the BoosterPack ecosystem