Miniature Micro Bump Switch - SPST Snap Action with Lever - PCB Mount - (Pack of 2)

Description of product

Mouse Switch Click switch 3-Pin 1A 125V AC rectangular switches Miniature Micro Switch Push button- 2 pieces

General Description

Bump Switch or Mouse Click switch name is drived from its application. This is one of the simple sensor which can sense obstacle and collision sensing. The extended lever allows the implementation simple which closes the switch on collision with an obstacle. The SPST switch can be used in various application, specially in movable objects like robots etc. Can be interfaced very easily to microcontrollers and external circuits. PCB mount switch with 3 pin connectors

Applications (in General)

  • Home and office automation  
  • Door or windows sensor as burglar alarm 
  • Robot obstacle sensing etc.


  • Voltage : 250VAC / DC
  • Current : 1A  125/250VAC  
  • PCB Mount - 3 pin
  • Initial Contact Resistance : 50mΩ max.       
  • Insulation resistance : 100MΩ
  • Mechanical life : 500000 cycles
  • Electrical life : 50000 cycles
  • Working temperature : ≤125°C

*Image shown is a representation only.