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BD63910MUV Stepper Motor Driver

ROHM Semiconductor BD63910MUV Stepper Motor Driver is a bipolar low consumption driver that is driven by a PWM current. This motor driver operates at 36V rated supply voltage and 1A rated output current. The BD63910MUV motor driver adopts CLK-IN and PARA-IN driving mode for the input interface. This motor driver includes full (two kinds)-, half (three kinds)-, quarter (two kinds)-, 1/8-, and 1/16-step modes. The BD63910MUV motor driver features the current decay mode switch with the linearly variable FAST/SLOW DECAY ratio. This motor driver incorporates the normal rotation and reverse rotation switching functions. Typical applications include PPC, multi-function printer, laser beam printer, ink-jet printer, monitoring camera, WEB camera, sewing machine, photo printer, FAX, scanner, and mini printer.