Motor/Motion/Ignition Controllers & Drivers Automotive, 40-V, 6-A, 6 channel half-bridge motor driver with advance diagnostics 24-HTSSOP -40 to 125

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DRV89xx-Q1 Half-Bridge Motor Drivers

Texas Instruments DRV89xx-Q1 Half-Bridge Motor Drivers are a pin-to-pin compatible family of integrated multi-channel half-bridge drivers with 4 to 12 half-bridges. The family features low on-state resistance (RDS(ON)) for improved thermal performance during high-current operation. These devices can drive brushed-DC (BDC) motors or stepper motors in independent, sequential, or parallel mode. The half-bridges are fully controllable to achieve a forward, reverse, coasting, and braking operation of the motor. These devices feature standard 16-bit, 5MHz serial peripheral interface (SPI) with daisy chain capability for complete configuration and detailed diagnostics. Depending on the device, four or eight programmable PWM generators are integrated to allow for current limiting during motor operation or LED dimming control. The device includes numerous protection and diagnostic features, including an nFAULT pin, to alert the system when a fault occurs. The device features a low-current open load detection (OLD) mode to detect open-load conditions when the nominal load current is small and a passive OLD mode for offline OLD. The device is also fully-protected from short-circuit, under-voltage, and over-temperature conditions.