MOSFET 30V Vds 20V Vgs PowerPAIR 6 x 5F

MOSFET 30V Vds 20V Vgs PowerPAIR 6 x 5F

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Vishay Siliconix SkyFET® Power MOSFETs are MOSFETs that integrate a MOSFET and a Schottky diode and are ideal for increasing efficiency at light loads and higher frequencies, thus reducing power losses in servers, notebooks, and VRMs. Their low VF and Qrr provide an advantage over standard trench MOSFETs. Features include increased efficiency for DC-DC converter applications, reduced space and solution cost by eliminating external Schottky diodes, ideal low-side switch for synchronous rectification, and reduces power losses linked to the body diode of the MOSFET. Typical applications include POL, synchronous rectification, VRM, synchronous buck low side for core voltages, and graphics cards.