MMA7361 Angle Acceleration Sensor Module (Replace MMA7260 Acceleration Module)

Description of product


MMA7361 Angle Acceleration Sensor Module (Replace MMA7260 Acceleration Module), A Tilt Angle Inclination Module cab be used Instead of MMA7260.

The module has On-board MMA7361 (replace MMA7260) low-cost Mini capacitive acceleration sensor. It supports 5V/3.3V voltage input, OnboardRT9161, Lower pressure drop than 1117, Faster load speed; is Perfect for high noise power supply environment.

The range selected by microcontroller IO can also be resistance selection. Common pins are lead out, pins standard 100mil (2.54mm), convenient for the matrix board. Sleep Mode can be controlled by microcontroller IO.


  1. Laptop PC: Freefall Detection, Anti-Theft.
  2. 3D Gaming: Tilt and Motion Sensing, Event Recorder.
  3. Robotics: Motion Sensing.
  4. Cell Phone: Image Stability, Text Scroll, Motion Dialing, E-Compass.
  5. Navigation and Dead Reckoning: E-Compass Tilt Compensation.
  6. Pedometer: Motion Sensing / PDA: Text Scroll.
  7. HDD MP3 Player: Freefall Detection.

Note: Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the product may vary.


  1. Dormancy can make by single-chip IO control;
  2. Simple to use
  3. Analog output for each axis.
  4. Selectable Sensitivity (+- 1.5g, +- 6g)
  5. Robust design, high shock survivability
  6. Low Cost