Mixer Pack V2 (Electronic blocks,without Arduino,plug and play system)

Description of product


The Grove - Mixer Pack is stand-alone,Lego-like electronic.The Mixer Pack consists of 13 mini modules,there are Power,Logic,Sensors and Actuators, It is a group of Grove compatible modules designed for quickly building functional prototypes. They are tiny, colorful modules that are accessible and fun for children.With this kit you can integrate circuits into your craft without an Arduino or computer. By connecting different input and output module, they can be flexibly applied to a variety of control methods,such as the hand control, sound control, light control. You can easily learn the electronic knowledge, but also improve the practical ability through this kit. Let you quickly into the wonderful electronic information era in the entertainment. 
  • • 1x Grove - DC Jack Power \
  • • 1x Grove - Recorder 
  • • 1x Grove - LED String Light 
  • • 1x Grove - Mini Fan 
  • • 1x Grove - NOT 
  • • 1x Grove - OR 
  • • 1x Grove - AND 
  • • 1x Grove - Buzzer 
  • • 1x Grove - Light Sensor 
  • • 1x Grove - Red LED 
  • • 1x Grove - Sound Sensor 
  • • 1x Grove - Slide Potentiometer 
  • • 1x Grove - Button 
  • • 7x Grove Cable(3*200mm+3*50mm+1*Branch Cable) 
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 Technical Details

WeightG.W 349g