Description of product


This is Mini LED Light Ultra-thin Ultra-light Portable USB Small LED Lamp Camping Night Light. Mobile power can be used when the desktop computer lights. The single-sided 3LED piece, 0.2w ultra-low power, 2835 multi-chip led, a long time lit test, heat no problem, this should be assured.

5000mah mobile power, full of power can be lit for about 100 hours. Working current is more than 40 mA, high luminous efficiency, energy saving. Can be placed in the wallet, you can also hang on the key, very portable.

Power Supply 

Standard USB interface; as long as the USB can plug;5V power; mobile power; notebook; the netbook;  desktop computers can be.

Note : As the LED lamp power consumption is very small, many will be filled with mobile power from the stop, not suitable for use, will think that there is no negative.