Description of product


mikromedia 7 for STM32 Shield is the perfect way to expand the functionalities of your mikromedia 7 for STM32F4 and mikromedia 7 for STM32F7 with five mikroBUS™ sockets - add any functionality from our ever-growing range of click boards™. We are fully stocked with everything from sensors and wifi transceivers to motor control and audio amplifiers.

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click board™ range

As you already know, our click board™ range is constantly growing - hundreds of different functionalities are available in our store. From sensors and wireless transceivers to motor control and LED displays

UART interfaces

There are 2 UART interfaces available on the shield, routed from the mikromedia 7 for STM32. One of the mikroBUS™ slots - mikroBUS 5 - can have either one of the two UART lines routed to the mikromedia 7 for STM32, selectable by the mikroBUS™ 5 UART jumper selector. Other 4 mikroBUS™ slots are hardwired to one UART only.

The shield also has the FT232 USB to UART circuit on board. Its RX and TX lines can also be routed to any of the two UART interface lines of the mikromedia 7 for STM32, by using the UART SELECT jumper selectors. The integrated USB to UART interface is very handy for connecting the shield to the computer and reading UART data on any UART terminal - it is recommended to use the UART terminals, found in every MikroElektronika compiler since those terminals are easy to use and are optimized for working in embedded development environment.