Microphones MICROPHONE -38DB 1.5VDC .5MA 2.2KOHM

Description of product


PUI Audio Microphones with 100mm Lead Wires are designed to make product prototyping, PCB design and layout, and assembly tremendously faster. PUI Audio Microphones with 100mm Leads indicate polarity by color on the halogen-free UL3302 32 AWG wire, virtually eliminating accidental reverse polarity connections. This line of microphones is based on popular 4mm, 6mm, and 9mm models that were previously only offered with solder pads.

  • 4mm Diameter
  • 6mm Diameter
  • 9mm Diameter
    • AOM-6738L-R: Sensitivity and wide, flat frequency response
    • ANM-5254L-LW100-R: Bidirectional front and rear audio inputs provide noise cancellation and allow for ambient noise to be naturally filtered out from desired sound without the need for complicated electronics.
    • AUM-5047L-3-LW100-R: Unidirectional, has cardioid polar pattern for capturing sound in one specific direction
  • Conference Phones
  • Noise Canceling Systems
  • Automotive Voice Commands
  • Consumer Audio
  • Interactive Kiosks
  • Measurement Microphones
  • Air Pressure Differential Sensor
  • Lavalier/Lapel Microphones
  • Professional Boom Microphone
  • Smartphone Docking Stations