Micro:bit Acrylic Transparent Case with Screw
Micro:bit Acrylic Transparent Case with Screw

Description of product


This is Micro: bit Acrylic case with screws.  It is specially designed to protect your own Micro: bit mainboard. Prevent the micro: bit mainboard from damage and protect it with this simple case. When using, you just need to install the Acrylic shell to the micro: bit mainboard with matched screws and nuts. Simply screw the acrylic parts together with the screws provided and your micro bit is protected, leaving all the ports and switches fully accessible.

Acrylic material is beautiful and a little fragile, please install it carefully, which is quite easy. And there is a layer of protective film on the surface of the acrylic, so it is not clear when you get it, just tear the protective film before you use it.

Note: This package does not include any Micro: bit mainboard.


  1. High-quality acrylic material, very durable
  2. Package including 4 shells and screws.
  3. Designed especially for Micro: bit mainboard
  4. Easy Installation