Mechanical Construction strips 4 holes Mechanix Compatible

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Description of product


The Mechanical Construction strips provide great fexibility in designing your DIY projects. The strips are made with perfect dimensions as per drawing and can be used for highly accurate project design with perfect measurements. The strips are made from 3 mm fibreboard and provide good rigidity and great finish.

These strips can also be painted upon and can provide colored finish as per your requirement. These custom made strips by Robokits provide the perfect mix of rigidity and aesthetics to your projects. 

Other assembly design components are available separately.

Package Includes:

  • 10 pcs of 4 Holes Strips
  • 10 pcs of Spacers with 10mm OD and 4 mm ID
  • 10 pcs of Nut Bolt set of 3 mm x 12 mm length
  • 1 pcs : Allen Key
  • Length of each strip = 50 mm
  • Width of each strip = 13.5 mm
  • Thickness of each strip  = 3 mm