MCP3008 Breakout Board

Description of product

This is a Prototype Board for MCP3008 IC. MCP3008 is  Eight channel 10 bit Analog to Digital Convertor (ADC) with SPI Interface from Microchip. The MCP3008 breakout board is super easy to use and you can find the extensive library for interfacing MCP3008 ADC to the raspberry PI. Now no need of using the breadboard and complicate the wiring just use this MCP3008 Prototype board instead. All eight analog inputs have been provided with Vcc & Ground pin thus making it easier to interface with sensors. Six pin connector has been provided for providing power and easy interfacing to  Raspberry Pi, Arduino or any other Micro-controller.

Features of MCP3008 Breakout Board
  •     MCP3008 ADC with 10 bit resolution
  •     2.7v to 3.3v Supply Operation
  •     200 ksps max sampling rate at 5 volt supply
  •     Eight 3 pin Connector easy interfacing with Sensor's
  •     On Power Supply LED