MarsBoard A20 CPU Module CM-A20, mini PC
MarsBoard A20 CPU Module CM-A20, mini PC

Description of product

The CM-A20 is a CPU Module powered by the Allwinner dual core processor A20 combining a power dual core ARM Cortex A7 CPU and dual core Mali-400 GPU.

The CM-A20 features 1GB DDR3, 8GB Nand Flash, power management chip AXP209, and expansion headers for plugging into a base board.

What's on the CM-A20

CM-A20 on board resource

  1. Allwinner A20
    • CPU: ARM® Cortex™-A7 Dual-Core
    • GPU: ARM Mali400MP2, OpenGL ES 2.0/1.1
  2. 1GB DDR3
  3. 8GB Nand Flash
  4. Power management: AXP209
  5. UART debugging LED
  6. Power indicator
  7. 10/100M Ethernet PHY: LAN8710A
  8. J3 expansion: 20x2 pin 1.27mm
  9. J1 expansion: 50x2 pin 1.27mm
  10. J2 expansion: 50x2 pin 1.27mm