Make: Getting Started With Adfruit Circuit Playground Express
Make: Getting Started With Adfruit Circuit Playground Express

Description of product

From Adafruit Industries, a leader in products to Makers, designers, students young and old, comes the Circuit Playground Express. Connect it to your PC, Mac or Linux computer, and you can be programming interactive projects in minutes. You have a choice of programming environments to choose from: Python, the Microsoft MakeCode graphical building block environment, C/C++ via the Arduino development environment and JavaScript. Whether you are learning interactive programming, have an Internet of Things project in mind, or are looking to design on-the-go wearable electronics, the versatile Circuit Playground Express is the device to start with.

In Getting Started with the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express, you'll learn how to:

  • Get up and running quickly with programmable boards
  • Understand the basics of coding in multiple programming languages
  • Use the built-in sensors for a variety of projects
  • Make colorful interactive displays
  • Design programs for the Internet of Things (IoT)