LPG Gas Sensor Module - iso-butane / propane Gas (MQ-6)

Description of product

LPG Gas Sensor Module

General Description
The LPG Gas sensor Module for use in Home or Factory to warn of fatal LPG build-ups. The module uses MQ-6 sensor to sense LPG leak. It's ready to run circuit with no additional circuitry. Corresponding to the concentration of the gas it provides both analog and digital output. The output interface from the sensor module can be connected to ADC of a microcontroller for wider range of sensor reading. The calibration is quite easy using on-board potentiometer.
Uses the MQ-6 LPG Gas Sensor
Easy SIP interface
Compatible with most microcontrollers
Onboard Status and Power LED
Onboard potentiometer for threshold setting
Note: Equivalent to SEN-1327,2027

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