Linear Voltage Regulators "16V, 500mA, Low Quiescent CurrentLinear Regulator"

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MP2018 Linear Regulators

Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) MP2018 Linear Regulators are low power and low quiescent current regulators that supply power to systems with high-voltage batteries. The low quiescent current and low dropout voltage allow the MP2018 regulators to operate at extremely low power levels. These linear regulators offer 3V to 16V input voltage range, 10µA quiescent supply current, and ±2% output accuracy. The MP2018 regulators with output current limited internally, are protected against short-circuit, overload, over-temperature, thermal shutdown, and current-limiting fault protection conditions. These regulators are ideally suited for applications such as medical imaging, low-power microcontrollers cellular handsets, and battery-powered equipment.