LIN Transceivers Dual LIN Transceiver

LIN Transceivers Dual LIN Transceiver

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NCV7422 Dual LIN Transceiver

ON Semiconductor NCV7422 Dual Local Interconnect Network (LIN) Transceiver is a two-channel physical layer device that uses the LIN protocol. This transceiver allows the interfacing of two independent LIN physical buses and the LIN protocol controllers. The LIN bus is designed to communicate low-rate data from control devices such as door locks, mirrors, car seats, and sunroofs at the lowest possible cost. This bus eliminates as much wiring as possible and is implemented using a single wire in each node. The NCV7422 LIN transceiver belongs to the in-vehicle networking (IVN) transceivers. This transceiver is compliant to ISO 17987-4 (backward compatible to LIN specification rev. 2.x and 1.3) and SAE J2602.