LED Lighting Drivers Highly-integrated 3-channel 120-mA automotive LED driver with power line FET protection 20-HTSSOP -40 to 125

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LP886x-Q1 Automotive LED Driver

Texas Instruments LP886x-Q1 Automotive LED Driver is a low-EMI, easy-to-use LED driver with DC-DC converter. The DC-DC converter supports both boost and SEPIC mode operation. The device has four or three high-precision current sinks that can be combined for higher current capability. The DC-DC converter also has adaptive output voltage control based on the LED forward voltages. This feature minimizes the power consumption by adjusting the voltage to the lowest sufficient level in all conditions. For EMI reduction DC-DC supports a spread spectrum for switching frequency and an external synchronization with a dedicated pin. A wide-range adjustable frequency allows the LP886x-Q1 to avoid disturbance for the sensitive frequency band.