LED Lighting Drivers 45V

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NSI45015 Constant Current Regulator & LED Driver

ON Semiconductor NSI45015 Constant Current Regulator (CCR) & LED Driver is a simple, economical and robust device designed to provide a cost−effective solution for regulating current in LEDs (similar to Constant Current Diode, CCD). The CCR is based on Self-Biased Transistor (SBT) technology and regulates current over a wide voltage range. It is designed with a negative temperature coefficient to protect LEDs from thermal runaway at extreme voltages and currents. The CCR turns on immediately and is at 35% of regulation with only 0.5 V Vak. It requires no external components allowing it to be designed as a high or low−side regulator. The high anode-cathode voltage rating withstands surges common in Automotive, Industrial and Commercial Signage applications. The CCR comes in thermally robust packages and is qualified to AEC-Q101 standard, and UL94−V0 certified.