LED Lighting Drivers 2CV 4CC 6mA 33V 100V 500ns

LED Lighting Drivers 2CV 4CC 6mA 33V 100V 500ns

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InnoMux & InnoSwitch3-MX GaN

Power Integrations InnoMux and InnoSwitch3-MX GaN increases the output power of high-efficiency display PSUs to 75W. The InnoMux chipset uses a unique single-stage power architecture that reduces losses in display applications by 50%. It also increases overall efficiency to 91% and higher output in constant-voltage and constant-current LED backlight driver designs. By eliminating the need for post-regulation (i.e. buck and boost) stages, TV and monitor designers can halve component count while improving reliability and reducing manufacturing cost. With a high breakdown voltage of 750V, the PowiGaN InnoSwitch3-MX parts are also extremely robust. They are highly resistant to the line surges and swells commonly seen in regions with unstable mains voltages.