LED Lighting Drivers 1.3A 8-Switch Mtrx LED Dimmer w/ CRC-8

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LT3967 LED Lighting Driver

Analog Devices Inc. LT3967 LED Lighting Driver is a LED bypass switching device for dimming individual LEDs s in a string using a common current source. This LED driver features eight individually controlled floating source 15V/110mΩ NMOS switches. These eight switches are in parallel and/or in series to bypass current around LEDs in a string. The LT3967 driver employs the I2C serial interface to communicate with a microcontroller. This driver LT3967 provides an internal clock generator and supports an external clock source for PWM dimming. The LED driver reports fault conditions for each channel such as open LED and shorted LED. The four address pins allow 16 LT3967 devices to share the I2C bus and define the power-up state of the switches. Typical applications include automotive LED headlight clusters, large LED displays, and RGBW color mixing lighting.