LDO Voltage Regulators LDO Regulator, 100 mA, 18 V, 1 uA IQ, with PG 5V0 TSOP5

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NCV8711 LDO Regulators with PG

ON Semiconductor NCV8711 LDO Regulators with Power Good (PG) are CMOS LDO regulators designed for up to 18V input voltage and 100mA output current. These regulators feature very low quiescent current, fast transient response, and high input/output voltage ranges. The NCV8711 regulators (version B) implement a PG circuit which indicates that the output voltage is in regulation. This signal could be used for power sequencing or as a microcontroller reset. The NCV8711 regulators incorporate internal short circuit and over-temperature protection that saves the device against overload conditions. These regulators are available in fixed output voltage versions and adjustable versions. Typical applications include body control modules, LED lighting, onboard chargers, and general-purpose automotive.