LDO Voltage Regulators High input voltage regulator 3.3 V 5Ld SOT-23 TR

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MCP1792/MCP1793 High-Voltage LDO Regulators

Microchip MCP1792/MCP1793 High-Voltage Low Dropout (LDO) Regulators are capable of generating 100mA output current. The input voltage range of 4.5V to 55V makes it ideal in 12V to 48V power rails and high voltage battery packs. A low UVLO at shutdown of 2.4V makes it adequate for cold cranking conditions in automotive applications. The MCP1792/MCP1793 comes in 2 standard fixed output-voltage versions: 3.3V and 5.0V. The regulator output is stable with 2.2μF ceramic capacitors. The device is protected from short circuit events by the current foldback function and from overheating using thermal shutdown protection. The regulators are all (Automotive Electronics Council) AEC-Q100-qualified.