LDO Voltage Regulators 400 mA Low Noise and Low Supply Current LDO Regulator

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RP122Z Low Dropout (LDO) Regulators

Ricoh Electronic Devices Company RP122Z Low Dropout (LDO) Regulators provide 90dB ripple rejection and fast transient response speed, with only 9.5µA current consumption without output load. These regulators also have a low 8µVRMS noise level at the output voltage. These features make the RP122Z series ideal for battery-powered devices with noise-sensitive circuits such as smartphones, tablets, and RF modules. Ricoh RP122Z LDO Regulators contribute to lower the total supply current of the device and increase the lifetime of the battery, which also eliminates the need to switch between operating modes since the LDO adapts seamlessly to the output current demand.