LDO Voltage Regulators 2A &4A NMOS LDO Linear Regulator

LDO Voltage Regulators 2A &4A NMOS LDO Linear Regulator

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MAX38907, MAX38908, MAX38909 LDO Linear Regulators

Maxim Integrated MAX38907, MAX38908, and MAX38909 LDO Linear Regulators are fast transient response, high PSRR NMOS linear regulators that deliver up to 4A load current. These regulators support a wide input supply range from 0.9V up to 5.5V, and BIAS voltage range from 2.7V to 20V to provide wider supply options in a variety of applications. ±1% output accuracy is maintained over line, load, and temperature variations, requiring only 300mV of input-to-output headroom at full load for a good PSRR. The output voltage can be adjusted to a value in the range of 0.6V to 5.0V to accommodate customers that desire to specify a single LDO in the BOM for multiple voltage rails.