LDO Voltage Regulators 200-mA, nanopower-IQ (25 nA), low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulator with enable 4-X2SON -40 to 125

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TPS7A02 Low-Dropout (LDO) Linear Regulator

Texas Instruments TPS7A02 Low-Dropout (LDO) Linear Regulator is an ultra-small, ultra-low quiescent current LDO regulator that can source 200mA with excellent transient performance. The TPS7A02, with an ultra-low IQ of 25nA, is designed specifically for applications where a very low quiescent current is a critical parameter. This device maintains low IQ consumption even in dropout mode to further increase the battery life. When in shutdown or disabled mode, the device consumes ultra-low, 3nA IQ that helps increase the shelf life of the battery. The TPS7A02 has an output range of 0.8V to 5.0V available in 50mV steps to support the lower core voltages of modern microcontrollers (MCUs).