LCD1602 RGB LCD HAT with Keypad For Raspberry PI

Description of product


LCD1602 RGB LCD HAT with Keypad module is designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi which has an optional three-colour RGB (red, green, blub) backlight, you can choose according to different situations different colours, to meet the different needs of users, with three independent dimming pin, which could be mixed to form a more brilliant colour. This liquid crystal display (LCD), displays has 16 characters X2 line of characters, the character size is 2.95X4.35 (WXH) mm, built-HD44780 type LCD controller interfaces can be directly connected to the MCU.


  1. It’s an LCD display which can show two lines and 16 characters on it. and it easy to use a blue and white 16×2 Character LCD.
  2. It’s based on I2c protocol and it can communicate with your Pi with less wire.
  3. With this in mind, we wanted to make it easier for people to get this LCD into their projects so we devised a Pi plate that lets you control a 16×2 Character LCD,
  4. up to 3 led pins(RGB backlight) AND 5 keypad pins with pull-up resister using only the two I2C pins on the R-Pi!
  5. The best part is you don’t really lose those two pins either since you can stick i2c-based sensors, RTCs, etc and have them share the I2C bus.
  6. This is a super slick way to add a display without all the wiring hassle. This pi plate is perfect for when you want to build a stand-alone project with its own user interface.
  7. The 4 directional buttons plus select button allows basic control without having to attach a bulky computer.
  8. The plate is designed for both Revision 1 and Revision 2 Raspberry Pi’s. It uses the I2C (SDA/SCL) pins, RGB backlight is controlled by Raspberry Pi GPIO pin and you can make it as breath light with soft PWM.
  9. To keep them from shorting against the metal, a piece of electrical tape must be placed onto the USB ports.