Description of product


LCD10-METAL-FRAME is easy-to-assemble metal frame - box where you can put A10 or A20 OLinuXino LIME or LIME2 with 10" LCD with or without touchscreen. As you can see on the pictures this frame is very easy to attach to any flat surface making it perfect for Men-Machine interface solutions. On the back side all connectors of OLinuXino LIME are exposed and available for use. Note that the LCD, OLinuXino boards and LCD-to-OLinuxino cable are not included in the price above and must be ordered separately.


  • Metal frame for 10" LCD
  • Consists of 3 metal parts, x4 screws M4 and x4 M4 nuts for panel fixation to flat surface
  • Includes: x1 M3x6 hexagonal spacer, x3 screws M3x4 to hold the LIME board
  • Designed for A10/A20-OLinuXino-LIME/2 boards
  • Can be assembled with ot without touchscreen