LCD mini click
LCD mini click

Description of product

LCD mini click displays 2x16 monochrome characters on an LMB162XFW LCD display. It features the MCP23S17 port expander and the MCP4161 digital potentiometer, both from Microchip. LCD mini click is designed to communicate with both 3.3V or 5V capable MCUs. The logic voltage level selection is done by the PWR SEL onboard SMD jumper. The 5V rail from the mikroBUS™ is used directly for powering up the included LCD screen. The click board™ communicates with the target microcontroller over the SPI interface and the following pins on the mikroBUS™ line: PWM, INT, RST, AN.

LCD and backlight control

The PWM pin onboard the LCD mini click is used for backlight control. While the digital potentiometer is used for contrast adjustments.

2x16 LCD display features

2x16 LDC displays are ideal for displaying short messages and numbers. They can display 16 characters per one line, 32 in total. The 5x8 dot font displays characters, symbols, and numbers clearly and vividly.


ApplicationsInterfacing 2x16 LED displays with mikroBUS™ compatible development boards
On-board modulesMCP23S17 port expander, MCP4161 digital potentiometer - both from Microchip
Key FeaturesAdapter for connecting 2x16 LCD displays, MCP23S17 port expander, MCP4161 digital potentiometer
Key BenefitsOnboard port expander for LCD control, digital potentiometer for contrast settings, PWM for backlight control.
Input Voltage3.3V,5V
Click board sizeS (28.6 x 25.4 mm)