LCD Character Display Modules & Accessories LCD MODULE 4X10 WH BKGRND RFLT 2.6mm

Description of product


Electronic Assembly DOG Series Displays allow for multiple customization options with no screws and cables required. The EA DOG Series will run on 3.3V systems without auxiliary power. The display and backlight are ordered separately, unlike other LCD modules, providing a wealth of possible combinations. They are designed for compact hand-held devices and provide a range of benefits with or without backlighting.

  • High-contrast lcd supertwist display
  • Optional led backlight units in different colors
  • 4x10 character with 2.6mm switchable to 2x10 with 4.55 mm height
  • SSD1803A controller for spi (2-/3-/4-wire) and I²C (2-wire) interface
  • Single power supply +3.3v (typically 440μa)
  • No additional voltages required
  • Operating temperature range -20 through +70°C
  • LED backlight 3 through 45ma@3.3V
  • No mounting required, simply solder into PCB
  • 3 different character sets (Cyrillic, English-Japanese and European) included in the same controller
  • 2 viewing direction possible (bottom and top view)
  • LCD Module 4x10 - 2.6mm EA DOGS104x-A
    • B = blue background
    • W = white background transflective
    • N = white background reflective
  • LED-Backlight Amber EA LED36X28-A
  • LED-Backlight Yellow-Green/Red EA LED36X28-GR
  • LED-Backlight Green/Red/White EA LED36X28-ERW

  • USB-Testboard for PC (Windows) EA 9780-2USB
  • Socket Connector 4,8mm HOCH (2 PCS Required) EA FL-10P