L293D Motor Driver Board with 7805 Power Supply

Description of product

L293D Motor Driver/Interface Board with 7805 Power supply

General Description
This module is a medium power motor driver perfect for driving DC motors and Stepper motors. It uses the popular L293D H-bridge motor driver IC. It can drive 4 DC motors in one direction, or drive 2 DC motors in both the directions with speed control. The driver greatly simplifies and increases the ease with which you may control motors, relays, etc from microcontrollers. It can drive motors up to 12 V with a total DC current of up to 600mA. This board have a feature of Onboard 5V regulator 7805
  • Operating Voltage: 7 V to 12V DC.
  • 4 channel output(can drive 2 DC motors bidirectionally).
  • 600mA output current capability per channel.
  • PTR connectors for easy connections.
  • User accessible enable pins facility.
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