KIT_XMC1400_ARDUINO Evaluation Kit
KIT_XMC1400_ARDUINO Evaluation Kit

Description of product


Infineon Technologies KIT_XMC1400_ARDUINO Evaluation Kit is used to explore the XMC1400 Microcontroller. The kit features the ARM® Cortex®-M0 microcontroller in combination with an Arduino form factor. The kit is used with a wide range of development tools including Infineon's free Eclipse-based IDE, DAVE™.


  • XMC1400 (ARM® CortexTM -M0 based) Microcontroller, TSSOP38
  • Headers compatible with ArduinoTM shield
  • Detachable SEGGER J-Link debugger and UART virtual COM port, with micro USB connector
  • Power supply concept compatible with ArduinoTM Uno
  • One LED as required from ArduinoTM board specification and 2 additonal LEDs
  • XTAL (20MHz) and RTC_XTAL(32768Hz)


  • Motor Control 
  • Lighting
  • Automation Gateway
  • Industrial Automation
  • Home appliances 
  • Arduino