Joystiic v1.1 - Qwiic Joystick Breakout
Joystiic v1.1 - Qwiic Joystick Breakout

Description of product

This analog joystick has a feel that’s reminiscent of the PlayStation 2 controller and for that reason it’s become a favorite of ours. The only thing that could make it better is a “smart” version, so we made one! This thumbstick will report its position over I2C and is designed to be compatible with the Qwiic system so you can add it to your project solder-free!

The Joystiic’s I2C address is software selectable so you can add a bunch of them to the same bus with no collision.

Version 1.1 is a minor revision which adds a power LED and corrects the wide IC footprint. It’s functionally identical to the previous version.

We do not plan to regularly produce SparkX products so get them while they’re hot!