ISD1760 voice board voice recording sound module module on-board microphones

Description of product

  • Onboard ISD1760 chips
  • Onboard microphones, recording can be directly
  • 75 seconds of audio playback
  • With recording, erase, broadcast, FT is direct, fast forward, reset, volume, etc
  • Chip has led the main pin, can be operated by single chip microcomputer control
  • High quality natural voice reduction, can be used as a propaganda machine module
  • Working voltage: 5 v
  • Board size: 49 x41.5 (mm) (mm)

Key Description :

  • The tape REC: Holding down the REC button, LED lights lit up at the same time, this time to the MIC to talk, talk content will be recorded into the ISD1700 voice chip. After recording a raise this button, the LED will go out at the same time, again press began to record the second paragraph, the following paragraphs in operation.
  • Put the sound PLAY: There are two ways, edge trigger and trigger level. (note: after recording the sound playback cursor will stay at the last recorded after the period of the starting address of the place, right now the play is to put the last paragraph)    
  1. the edge trigger: click the PLAY button which is to put the current LED blink until the end of the playback during playback. Put a sound at the end of the PLAY pointer to just let the period of the starting address of the place, click the PLAY button will again put just after this period.
  2. level trigger: press the PLAY key chip to PLAY all the voice messages, and the cycle until release the button.
  • The fast forward FWD: To perform the play before the operation, click this button to put the sound pointer will point to the next section, according to two points to this section after the start of the second paragraph. During playback click this button to stop playing the current period and then the next section, if the play is the last paragraph, to play the last paragraph is stopped playing the first paragraph.
  • Wipe ERASE:Erase operation can only in a single segment for the first and the last Duan Youxiao, when the playback cursor is located in the first paragraph or the last paragraph, click this button will erase the first or the last paragraph. With the pointer corresponding jump to erase the first or the second paragraph of the second paragraph. Often click this button more than 3 seconds into the chip erase all "operation mode", LED lights flash twice at the same time, continue to press this key, LED 7 flashes after go out, when the release button, and the voice chip be erased all of information.
  • RESET RESET:Click this button reset operation on the chip. After reset, playback and recording the pointer points to the last paragraph, namely with the pointer to the last paragraph to start, the recording pointer to the end of the last paragraph. At this point it will play the last paragraph, perform the play performs recording, and then the last a period of the last paragraph.
  • Tuning VOL:Click this button can adjust the size of the output voice chip. The default maximum output for voice chip, each point of press, press 4 db attenuation sound. Only when the minimum sound, continue to click this button, each point of press, sound increase 4 db (note: to perform after reset, sound output to the maximum).
  • FT pass-through operations:The FT pin and GND short sub, keep low level will start direct mode. Direct operation will voice from the Analn end or AUD output directly to the horn. During the recording, if press the FT, at the same time recorded Analn into the speech signal.