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The Ember Debug Adapter (ISA3) provides the programming, debugging, and data emulation capability for an EM35x-based application. The Silicon Labs’ Ember EM35x chip family integrates the ARM® Cortex™-M3, 32-bit microcontroller core. The Debug Adapter (ISA3) converts between the Ember JTAG and Serial Wire (SW) commands, Packet Trace Interface, TCP/IP, and UDP for an easy-to-deploy system over 10/100 Ethernet. As part of the EM35x Development Kit, the Debug Adapter (ISA3) connects to the EM35X module through two interfaces: the 10-pin Packet Trace Port and the 12-pin data emulation interface (DEI). These two interfaces provide access to most EM35x GPIO as well as the EM35x programming and debug I/O. The Debug Adapter (ISA3) also contains power management logic to transform Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) into ICfriendly voltage planes. The PoE functionality allows a design team to integrate the EM35x-based debugging environment into an existing network infrastructure and remotely deploy hardware during the development phase without having to remain close to a wall outlet. In addition, a self-powered, USB connection is also available for applications that interface directly to a PC or USB device. You can use the Debug Adapter (ISA3) to perform the following tasks:

• Program or debug EM35x applications using Serial Wire or JTAG

. • Monitor packets sent and received by the radio.

• Send and receive serial port data.

Send and receive debugging data.

• Power cycle the EM35x.

• Control reset, bootloader and GPIO signals.

Therefore, the Debug Adapter (ISA3) contains the same functionality as the previous Ember product family. With Ember Desktop and the Debug Adapter (ISA3), an EM35x-based network integrates into an existing EM2xx-based network. The Debug Adapter (ISA3) cannot be used to debug or program an EM250 or EM260. This document describes Debug Adapter (ISA3) features and specifications. For more information on the different services and IP ports supported by the Debug Adapter (ISA3), see document UG110, EM35x Development Kit User Guide.


The Debug Adapter (ISA3) offers:

• Programming and debugging of the Ember EM35x chip family

• Programming speed up to 3 MHz (tested to 10’ cable length)

• Power-over-Ethernet conversion, no power supply needed

• One self-powered USB jack, for applications not using PoE

• Support for 10/100 Ethernet protocols (TCP/IP and UDP) through an RJ-45 connector

• Auto-Rate negotiation for either 10 or 100 Mbps Ethernet

• Auto-MDIX detection and switching (allowing use of both normal and crossed RJ-45 cables)

• Access to the EM35X UART (TTL-compatible) through the data emulation interface

• Access to Virtual UART (VUART) serial port emulation through Packet Trace Port

• Packet Trace Port signals individually buffered for RCM operation down to 2.1 V

• Target Power Select Switch (Internal vs. External)

• Target Over-current Detection

• USB-support for administration and configuration

• Debug Adapter (ISA3) factory defaults button

• Cables included with Debug Adapter (ISA3):

• USB cable

• Packet Trace Port cable

• Data emulation interface cable

• Ethernet patch cable