Internet of Displays (IoD) Display Modules - IOD-09TH
Internet of Displays (IoD) Display Modules - IOD-09TH

Description of product

4D Systems IoD-09TH Display Module features a full-color 0.9-inch TFT LCD display. This display module is powered by the WiFi enabled ESP8266, which offers numerous functionalities for the user. The IoD-09TH display module can be easily programmed using 4D systems Workshop-4 or the Arduino IDE installed with the ESP8266 core. This display module features 12 Through Hole (TH) pads, 6 on each end with male pin headers which helps in easy connection to an application, motherboard, and accessory boards. The IoD-09TH module can act as a master/slave device, effortlessly connect to the internet, and can communicate to SPI, I2C, or 1-wire devices.


  • Powerful Intelligent LCD-TFT display module powered by the Espressif ESP8266 SoC
  • Full-color TFT screen
  • Built-in Wi-Fi suitable for IoT applications
  • DOS compatible file access (FAT16 or FAT32 format)
  • Integrated TCP/IP protocol stack
  • 12pin/pad connection for all signals, power, communications, and programming
  • On-board push/pull type microSD memory card connector for multimedia storage and data logging purposes
  • 4.0V to 5.5V range operation (single supply)
  • -10ºC to 60ºC operating temperature range
  • 0.9-inch diagonal display size
  • 80 x 160 resolution (portrait viewing)
  • 4Mbit (512kb) of flash memory for user application code and data