Interface - Specialised Integrated Protection IC on 12V Bus with PMBUS

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Description of product

MAX16545B/MAX16545C Circuit-Breaker Protection IC

Maxim MAX16545B/MAX16545C Circuit-Breaker Protection IC comes with an integrated low-resistance MOSFET and lossless current-sense circuitry featuring PMBus™/SMBus control and reporting. The IC is designed to provide the optimum solution for distribution, control, monitoring, and protection of the system’s 12V power supply. An internal LDO provides the bias supply voltage for the protection IC. If no fault is detected, the MAX16545B/MAX16545C initiates the startup. The device has been designed to provide a controlled, monotonic startup. Programmable soft-start ramp and delay are implemented to limit the inrush current during startup. The MAX16545B is set for 16A Startup OCP and the MAX16545C is set for 24A Startup OCP.