Infineon Technologies TLE4959C Transmission Speed Sensors

Description of product


Infineon Technologies TLE4959C Transmission Speed Sensors provide information about rotational speed and direction of rotation to the transmission control unit. These sensors include a sophisticated algorithm which actively suppresses vibration while keeping excellent airgap performance. The TLE4959C sensors consist of two integrated capacitors on the lead frame 220nF/1.8nF which increases the EMC robustness of the device. These sensors feature high-magnetic sensitivity, adaptive hysteresis, three wire PWM voltage interface, and automotive operating temperature range.

The TLE4959C hall based differential speed sensors are also available in TLE4959C FX variant, which is a flexible transmission sensor.


  • Hall based differential speed sensor
  • High magnetic sensitivity
  • High immunity against ESD, EMC, and mechanical stress
  • High vibration suppression capabilities
  • Large operating airgap
  • Adaptive hysteresis
  • Automotive operating temperature range
  • Direction of the rotation detection
  • Dynamic self-calibration principle
  • Improved voltage dropout capability
  • Three wire PWM voltage interface
  • Magnetic encoder and ferromagnetic wheel application
  • 3-pin package PG-SSO-3-52
  • Green product (RoHS compliant)
  • AEC Qualified