INA293EVM Evaluation Module


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Description of product


Texas Instruments INA293EVM Evaluation Module is small, with 10 completely independent boards that can be broken off by the user. The INA293EVM features ten schematically identical boards for each of the five gain variation and two pinout variations of the INA293, with inputs up to 110V common mode and 5A (on board shunt) input capability. Each board offers test points for VS, GND, OUT and a terminal block of VIN+ and VIN-. Pads and sockets allow for quick implementation of input filter and output filtering. The board also implements the onboard 2512 size shunt resistor.


  • Easy to test INA293 with differential voltage or shunt resistor
  • Pads and sockets allow quick and easy implementation of SMD filtering
  • Breakable panels lets customer experiment and test with all gain variants and two pin outs