IGBT Transistors FS4TIGBT 50A 650V

IGBT Transistors FS4TIGBT 50A 650V

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FGHL50T65SQ FS4 High-Speed IGBT

ON Semiconductor FGHL50T65SQ FS4 High-Speed IGBT is a single IGBT that uses the novel Field Stop 4th generation technology. This IGBT features high current capability, low saturation voltage, high input impedance, and fast switching. The FGHL50T65SQ IGBT provides good performance and high efficiency with low conduction and switching losses. This IGBT operates in 650V collector-to-emitter voltage and 50A collector current and comes in a TO-247-3L package. Typical applications include Power Factor Correction (PFC), solar inverter, UPS, Electronic Switching System (ESS), welder, and telecom.