I2C 1-Wire click

Description of product

I2C 1-Wire click carries DS2482-800, a “bridge device” that performs bidirectional conversions between I2C masters and 1-Wire slave devices. These can be EEPROM chips, temperature sensors and similar devices that have momentary high source current modes. I2C 1-Wire click enables any host with I2C to generate properly timed 1-Wire waveforms to its slave devices. The I2C interface (mikroBUS SCL and SDA pins) supports both standard I2C (100kHz max) and fast (400kHz) communication speeds. In addition to the mikroBUS™ socket, I2C 1-Wire click has an 8-channel pinout (each pin an independently operated 1-Wire I/O). The board is designed to use either a 3.3V or 5V power supply.


 I2C 1 Wire click Example 
 I2C 1 Wire click User Manual