Hot Swap Voltage Controllers 0.8-V to 16.5-V 1.2A IQ 290-uA Igate source N+1 and OR-ing power rail controller 14-UQFN -40 to 85

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TPS2410/11 N+1 and ORing Power Rail Controllers

Texas Instruments TPS2410/11 N+1 and ORing Power Rail Controllers emulate the function of a low forward-voltage diode in conjunction with an external N-channel MOSFET. The device combines multiple power supplies to a common bus in an N+1 configuration or combines redundant input power buses. The TPS2410 delivers a linear turn-on control while the TPS2411 offers an on/off control method. Applications with either N+1 redundant power supplies, redundant power buses, or both are ideal for the TPS2410/11. These redundant power sources must have the equivalent of a diode OR to prevent reverse current during faults and hotplug. This function is achieved with less power loss than a Schottky diode by combining the Texas Instruments TPS2410/11 and an N-channel MOSFET. A wide range of implementations and bus characteristics are customized through accurate voltage sensing, programmable fast turn-off threshold, and input filtering.